About Vision Aid Systems, Inc.

Our Founder

Jim Fortman managed an Optical laboratory from 1973 to 1987. When Jim started managing in 1973, he didn’t imagine that he’d start Vision Aid Systems 14 years later.  He opened the doors in 1987 specializing in products for the blind and visually impaired. To Jim, helping persons who have not read in years and sharing their excitement is the most rewarding experience imaginable. He is thankful that he can devote his life to this special kind of service. People are so appreciative they have kept in touch on a personal level over the years. We have many wonderful letters that we’re delighted to share with clients and with friends.

Jim is a life-long learner. He immerses himself in whatever he does. He has a High School Diploma from Southport High School. He took business courses at IUPUI, and also has taken the appropriate continuing education for the field of visual impairment. He earned the designation of Certified Wholesale Optician from the Optical Laboratory Association

Our Mission

We exist to help restore the dignity of the visually impaired, helping them to become more self-sufficient wherever possible. We regard visual impairment as something that can happen to any one of us at any time. It could be a loved one such as a parent, a brother or sister. It could be a husband or wife; even a child. Given that this possibility exists for each and every one of us in the world, our mission is to make the problems associated with this condition easier to bear and improve the quality of life for the impaired person and for those around them.

Our commitment to serving others can be seen in our charitable works: We are sponsors of the Veterans Administration, the Blind Baseball league, and the Indiana Special Olympics. We will gladly consider sponsoring other worthwhile charities and special projects regarding the visually impaired. If you have such a project in mind, please call or write us. We also won the Kentucky Colonel Better Business Bureau Award for zero complaints over a 10-year period.

Our Future

low vision eye chart

photo provided by Christopher Octa

We intend to continue to offer the finest in services and products helping the visually impaired in Kentucky and Indiana. We seek to help more such persons, both directly through our stores and indirectly through support of our charitable causes.  As technology continues to bring forth faster and better improvements in appliances for visual assistance, we intend to be on the forefront of helping to make these available as soon as they are proven to be affordable, safe and reliable.

The future of improvements for helping the visually impaired is truly wondrous. As a company, Vision Aid Systems always wants to learn and stay up-to-date on the relevant trends and technology, and continue to demonstrate its passion for helping to improve people’s quality of life.