Helping To Restore Dignity To Vision Impaired People Throughout Indiana & Kentucky

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Life is harder when you are visually impaired. Sometimes it can seem like people don’t want to care or to notice, much less help. In fact, many of them expect you to buckle up and do just fine for yourself.

Well, sometimes you do need help and here at Vision Aid Systems we recognize that fact. We provide products and services for the blind and for the visually impaired.

Economical Choices

Throughout Kentucky and Indiana, people have a reputation for seeking great value at a the right price. Now, this doesn’t mean cheap. These are people who look hard to find real value; value that will last for years if not decades. They’re actually willing to pay more when they find this kind of value. We welcome this kind of client; we exist to meet your needs and expectations. We strive to exceed them.

Products that Excel

We offer the complete Enhanced Vision line of products. This includes among other things Eschenbach and Besser optical magnifiers as well as HIMS Braille products. All of our products have been field-tested for actual real-world performance under adverse conditions. All have proven able to take that kind of punishment under all reasonable (and some not-so-reasonable) conditions and continue to function as needed. We’re proud to carry these products, and we put our name on the line with our reputation. We deliver value where we know we can deliver value. And that’s why we do what we do.

Individualized Service

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Here at Vision Aid Systems, we are absolutely committed to doing the best we can for each and every client. When something isn’t right, we’ll make it right. And we will carefully evaluate your situation in consultation with you and your health care practitioners.

We don’t just sell you a product and an instruction manual. We help our clients try on products the same way that Nordstrom’s or Allen Edmonds stores help them to try on shoes. Only when we’re sure that we’ve achieved a great “fit” do we send you home to use something. Even then, we’re very careful to make sure that you understand everything you need to know about how it works. We make our knowledgeable people available at no extra charge to answer questions for as long as you own the product. If there’s ever a recall on something (very rare) we take full responsibility for getting you the right replacement equipment as fast as possible.

Why Choose Vision Aid Systems, Inc?

Vision Aid Systems, Inc. has provided on site evaluations and demonstrations since 1987 of various low vision devices like the Merlin electronic magnifier. Vision Aid Systems, Inc. has received several outstanding sales achievements related to customer satisfaction and also received a coveted and prestigious Kentucky Colonel Title, meaning that the company has had zero customer complaints over a 10-year period.

We not only aim to please, but we hit that mark as well. Your eyesight is always a vital part of your quality of life. To optimize it, you need to choose the finest providers of care available, and we welcome your consideration with confidence and gratitude.